Monday, 17 March 2014

Deals and Discounts: £75 off first five grocery shops at Waitrose

From today, customers will be able to save £75 off their first five online grocery shops at Waitrose online.  Click on the links on the home page to access the codes that need to be used.

The first shop code ends on 29th April and the final shop needs to be made by 10th June.  A minimum spend of 350 applies.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Deals and Discounts: Ocado Deal from Living Social

LivingSocial offers new, handpicked local and national deals and experiences to millions of UK subscribers every day. Deals include top local spas and restaurants, once in a lifetime experiences and other products and services at great value so it's well worth signing up to and letting them know what your local area is.

I've spotted this deal that they are doing in partnership with Ocado.  For just £25 (instead of the RRP of £99), customers can get £30 of shopping, a one-year midweek delivery pass (i.e. free delivery Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and an annual 10% off savings pass which means certain brands are 10% off as standard.  This is a fab deal if you do a lot of online shopping - I've found that with a bit of savvy know-how and focusing on deals and own-brand items, Ocado are just as good value as any of the other major supermarkets and so convenient!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dinner Tonight: Frugal and Quick Roast Pork Dinner

We had a lovely, quick roast type dinner tonight, courtesy of Tesco.  The meat we had were the pork loin steaks, which are half price.  Usually £9.99 per kilo, they are £5 per kilo until 24th September.
Next roasted the potatoes we had left from a previous shop and were clearly needing to be eaten, as well as some frozen peas - a frozen food staple.  We also always keep some frozen Yorkshire puds in the freezer, so we popped some of those in right at the end.  My favourite are from Waitrose which take only minutes to cook - and they're on special offer too - £1 instead of £1.25.  We also just use Bisto gravy - a cupboard staple in this house and usually on offer somewhere - in fact it is at both Tesco and Waitrose at the moment!  Two 300g pots for £3.50 at Tesco or one 170g pot for £1 from Waitrose, pretty much like for like in terms of cost.
Conclusion?  Delicious and really quick, cheap and easy to make.  The only change I would make is add some apple sauce which should be a fridge staple really!